The Fadeaways + Los Infartos

The Fadeaways + Los Infartos

25 Sep 2018

Via del Mandrione 3, Roma

THE FADEAWAYS  garage band from Tokyio // NEW ALBUM DIRTY WATER on Dirty Water Records //

LOS INFARTOS garage Punk, Soul, Psych, MonsterFuzz from Abruzzo //

▶︎ The Fadeaways are the undisputed leaders of the current garagepunk scene in Tokyo, Japan, with a near-cult-status worldwide following. The band says they are inspired by 60s garage, 70s punk, 80s neo-garage, and 90s garagepunk.
The members Toyozo (vocals, bass), Sakura (drums) and Assman (guitar) celebrated ten years together recently, having sharpened their act to a wicked silvery point at thousands of gigs across Japan, the US and Scandinavia. The Fadeaways have hosted a regular event known as Teenage Shutdown, held at Heavy Sick in Hatagaya, where the bills have featured their friends Guitar Wolf, Jet Boys, The Let's Go's, and many more stellar acts. The Fadeaways have supported some of the top names in garage, including Pretty Things, Flamin' Groovies, Barracudas, The Boys, Paul Collins, Cannibals, A-Bones, Swingin' Neckbreakers, Subsonics, and Nobunny. In 2011, they toured the US with Jackie and the Cedrics, in 2012, they were the backing band for Jeff Conolly's (Monoman, Lyres/DMZ) Japan tour, and in 2013 they toured the US with the help of Russell Quan(The Mummies). In 2016, they played at the legendary Burger Boogaloo festival in Oakland, CA, alongside The Mummies, King Khan and The Shrines, The Trashwomen, and Death Valley Girls. Previous Fadeaways releases have come out on Secret Mission Records, Deadbeat Records(US), Dirty Water Records(UK), Soundflat Records(Germany), Snuffy Smiles(Japan), and Radio Underground (Japan). Their upcoming EP, recorded exclusively for Dirty Water Records USA and aptly named Dirty Water EP, is due out on vinyl and digital worldwide in June 2018.

▶︎ Los Infartos sono (Johnny Psycho - Batteria/voce, Matteo Cromo - Basso/urla, Giulio Di Furia - Organo/voce, Federico Falconi - Chitarra/voce ) band formatasi a fine 2014. Forti di esperienze pregresse con gruppi e artisti come ELECTRIC FLASHBACKS, TITO AND THE BRAINSUCKERS, LEIGHTON KOIZUMI e LOS EXPLOSIVOS, i LOS INFARTOS mischiano la distorsione tipica del garage punk a ritmi che spaziano dal soul al blues fino ad arrivare alla psichedelia tipica dei 60'. Il 12 Novembre pubblicano il loro primo Singolo "Another Face" composto anche dalle due b-side "Cry in the morning" e "Monkey", disponibile sia in vinile formato 7" che in audio cd. Dai Count Five a Ray Charles, dagli Easybeats a Santana, dal piu intricato ritmo tribale alla distorsione piu ruvida. LOS INFARTOS, maniaci del fuzz e adoratori della cultura beat, garantiscono un live adrenalinico eccitante fino a farvi uscire il cuore dal petto!